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Barcelona (official website data) battles Atletico, fifa coins Messi attempted and accomplished nothing in the first half, but once chasing and grabbing actually become the highlights, and he successfully assaulted Carrasco, which made him angry to hammer straight.
The campaign already is on 22 minutes,
 the Atletico left wing counterattack launched straight, Gelieziman cross, Carrasco rapid onrush. At that very moment, Messi suddenly catch up Atletico winger Lionel from behind, running after halftime to break ball. Carrasco sideline trying to stop the ball and turned around,fifa 16 but Messi’s action is faster to move the ball from behind disclosing,, Carrasco again want to grab back and but he fouled, Atletico wing is angry straightly to hammer.

Carrasco is a personal breakthrough strongest player in Atletico, the two teams engaged in a battle before,fifa 16 Belgian striker had a successful breakthrough of Messi, and Akira down number 10 of Barcelona, “Aspen” describe that time Messi dribbling defensive clumsy. They clash again in this field, Messi completed successfully of his revenge.

The current round of the Champions League,fifa coins C Luo hat-trick, Messi first half warfare no shot, only a foot high at any ball which was relatively eclipsed, so Messi simmered  breath and have to work hard to in defensive to set an example for the team.

At the same time, there had the same situation when C Luo play against Wolfsburg, after C Luo flied back to the field,fifa coins he tackled the opponent’s shot, Messi also took the lead flame, it can be described as showdown when the Champions League against bayonet knife. Play against Atletico Madrid in the first round, because the number of dominant of Basa, Messi running distance only 7720 meters, cheap fifa coins just above the team goalkeeper Teershite root, but the situation became pale campaign this time.

Jagged reproduction when 74 minutes passed, Messi outflanking pass side, Aube Mubarak attack fists hit the ball, Messi facing goalkeeper fists of Atletico Madrid to heading duel, fifa 16 UT almost create opportunities for teammates to to play.


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