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 As CashU is popular and inportant payment method online, we decide to hold a "Award-winning Questionnaire for CashU Payment Method" to meet the cashU customers' need, and also to make our website http://www.fifa15buy.com/?-affi-60566 payment more smooth and easier. We would be very appreciated if you can take several minutes to answer the questions.

As a reward, you can get a big discount(12%), once you answered all CashU Award- winning Questions and send the answer to us by email: fifa15buy.com@gmail.com

here are the questions: 

1.       How many times will you use cashU method in our website to finish the payment successfully?----( )                          A.   1  B.2   C. 3~5   D.More
2.       Do you know the average age of cashU user? -----( )                A.   Under 18 years old   B. 18~25 years old  C. 25~35 years old     D. 35 ~50 years old
3.       What is the reason when you are failed to finish the payment by CashU? -----( )             A.   Own Problems B. Cash U Account Problems C. Website Problems D. Internet Problems
4.    Is there any limit for using cashU in your country?
5.    Is cashU widely used in your country, and which country are you from?
6.    Which payment method do you prefer, CashU or Onecard?
7.    What is the expected payment method you would like us to go online?
Thanks for your support.
Best Regards

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