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Dear Customers,

Recently, some of you especially  Arabic speaking countries met a payment problem that the transactions were rejected or cancled when you tried to do payments with Cashu.
We contacted Cashu and they replied that the transactions were rejected because some Cashu customers did not update their profile information.
Cashu confirmed that their customers have been previously informed what to do and how to do to complete their profile as a mandatory step avoiding some limitations and keeping transactions smoothly.
Therefore if  you met the same above payment problem, please update the customer profiles firstly(you will see this requirement on login) to continue using Cashu.
If you still cant use Cashu after completing profiles and have other questions, please contact Cashu withs.help@cashu.com. Further more please pay much attention  and keep pace with Cashu update information to enjoy a easy buy and convenient life.
Best Regards,

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