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In recent days, "Heartthrob David Beckham in an interview, talks about why Ronaldo is successful, he believes Ronaldo is not only talented but works very hard. We offer cheap fifa 16 coins.


Beckham said: "Ronaldo, he is more than a great genius, and he works hard. People admire him for that. When he first came to Manchester United when he was subjected to criticism, not just Manchester United supporters criticized him because his style of play is so special, so unique. As always, he is training hard, it surprised some people. This is why he is so special. ”


"He spent a good time in Manchester United, great success, then leave for Real Madrid, another great clubs in the world, and I think he enjoys it. But don't ever say no, you never know what will happen in the future. ” At the end, if you happen to want to buy fifa 16 coins,  fifa15buy.com is a great choice.

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