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Germany scheduled for today and the Netherlands in an international soccer friendly match, less than an hour from the start, police confirmed that the game was canceled because of security problems, Hanover Stadium fans were evacuated. We offer cheap fifa 16 coins to support a better game experience.
The terrorist attacks last week in Paris remains a lingering fear, when Germany and France team warm-up, however in the venue next to the Stade there are explosions, panicked refuge in the crowd into the stadium after the game, international football is also covered under the cloud of terrorist incidents.
Germany subsequently announced today and the Netherlands team will be held on schedule, Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit the site, and it also was seen as a response to terrorism, but eventually cancelled an hour before the start.
According to Agence France-Presse reported, Germany police said security issue is canceled the game and evacuate the Hannover Stadium concerns. According to the United Kingdom, the Daily Telegraph revealed that the stadium before the game received a bomb threat. According to police chief keluwei said, it was planning to detonate a bomb in Stadium, "we received concrete evidence, it was planning to detonate a bomb in Stadium. We had received a bomb threat. ” If you want to know more fifa 16 news, please visit our site.


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