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On its official Instagram Barcelona posted a photo of Lionel Messi in training, Messi has already absence two months,for now he is about to return! We offer cheap fifa 16 coins, if you happen to need some.

On September 26, in the Spanish League with Las Palmas , Messi was soon knocked off at the beginning of game, then Barcelona confirmed that  Lionel Messi have to have a truce for two months, which suspended the compitition with Real Madrid co on November 22. 
Recent more and more  news about Lionel Messi has recovered from injury, Spain media have reported that Messi had attended the team's training, and scored a goal in a group fight. Barcelona today its official Instagram Tan Lionel Messi training with Barca b team photo.
Lionel Messi applauded for his teammates
In the photos, and even trained with the B team, Messi still seems very focused, and applause for his teammates, Barcelona accompanied hope that Messi's fans will further encourage Messi continuing to have a rehabilitation.
Century Derby will be started from the first leg this weekend, whether Messi will give fans a surprise? Please feel free to visit our site for  more fifa 16 coins news.


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