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Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo in his autobiography and frequently courting for his former club Manchester United in the interview. Meanwhile, the news and the daily mirror newspaper said Real Madrid wants to sell Cristiano Ronaldo with the original price £ 80 million, his could not help but imagine him back on the Manchester United shirt. However in the sky sports show, Manchester United legend Gary Neville said: Ronaldo to Manchester United was a mistake. We offer cheap fifa 16 coins to support you a better game experience.
As a football commentator, Gary Neville, said: "not that I don't respect for Ronaldo, he's played with me the most talented players. But the most talented is not equal to the best. Played with me the best player is Paul Scholes. "Neiweiersi generous praise for the Manchester United legend:" Paul Scholes has that unique, capacity between race control in the Palm. Whenever you're on the pitch, a calm player to lead the team when needed, you will find that he is there. ”
Meanwhile, Gary Neville also said on the show are not optimistic about Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United: "I think Ronaldo coming back to the idea of playing for Manchester United again really bad, for him, everything here is different from that year. I prefer Manchester United to buy Bell. Ronaldo came back, just as he has for us is not the same, then the focus will be placed on the people's emotion. When everyone's thoughts, the game can match the same intimacy it? I think the suspension. ”
But his shortcomings are also obvious, one, Ronaldo this season in 15 games, with 9 failed to score, fears that Cristiano Ronaldo has passed his peak, he next February will be 31 years old, in case his status plummet, then go back to it? Then, when he was at United, locker room filled with big-name players, but now he returned to Manchester United dressing room may have been no ren Zhen he, the overall atmosphere is definitely not a good thing for the team. Please feel free to visit our site to buy fifa 16 coins
Bell's advantage is that he is an all-around offensive player, 64 games in La Liga, he scored 30 goals, and sending out 25 assists, his offensive line can give man United the most comprehensive upgrade. Secondly, he is younger than Ronaldo, the Welsh just 26 years old, arrived at the peak of his career. Finally, according to Jamie Carragher wrote in his column in the daily mail, the Premier League is home to Bell, his last season at Tottenham has been League MVP, he has not yet adapted to the question. While Bell's disadvantages are very simple, first, he's not Cristiano Ronaldo, he is no Ronaldo Manchester United fans and appeal. Second, his injuries more than Ronaldo this season.

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