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David de GEA was once very close to a move to Real Madrid this summer, and he has even to fall out with Manchester United. Finally, for Real Madrid and Manchester United failed to complete transfer formalities the last minute, he was dramatic to stay at Manchester United. Today, David de GEA imply that he got some misunderstanding information about this transfer in the summer. We offer cheap fifa 16 coins to support your a better game experience.
David said in an interview with ESPN: "I think at that moment to extend my contract is the right thing. I'm just happy, now I'm in Manchester, this is one of the biggest clubs in the world, and now I felt the love from all my fans. "David didn't go to Real Madrid, stay in Manchester United, and Manchester United contract until 2019, he used" correctly "to describe his decision in the summer.
David went on to say: "I m not feel disappointed , this is something has changed, and we must look forward. I'm happy at United. Anything can happen in the transfer market, things can even occur within a minute or two to reverse, especially in the world of football, having difficult moments, strange times, but these will help you mature. Of course, becomes stronger. "Previously, storm de GEA has talked about a move to Real Madrid, he was glad to be leaving Manchester United, now his argument a step further, even some" wrong "meant.
In addition, David also talked about the Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal, he revealed Netherlands Marshal was the Manchester United dressing room "pistachio". David de GEA said: "he is a great guy. Things you can and want to talk with him, and is face to face, he is a very sincere person. We have a very good relationship between coaches and players. We all want United to be the best club. ”
David de GEA continued to talk about van Gaal, said: "since I returned to Old Trafford start van Gaal gave me a lot of confidence. He told me that I can play, relax, and used on the line. He was a funny man, and made a lot of jokes now and then, he would do something, let everyone have a good mood. However, we are talking about football. ” Please feel free to visit our site to buy fifa 16 coins.
Finally, David de GEA, also thanked fans for their support, he said: "I returned to Old Trafford to play my first match, so I am very impressed, Old Trafford fans to accept me, he makes my hair stand up. It's hard to describe what kind of day it was, in this regard, I would really appreciate it. "Obviously, David de GEA, very grateful to the fans for his support.

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