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He joined AC Milan on loan this summer, AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi said: "this is Mario Balotelli last chance. "Balotelli is also quite live up to expectations, on behalf of the team after returning to the rossoneri 4 appearances and scored 1 goal, and that his State has obvious signs of recovery compared with Liverpool. However he did not for AC Milan debut since September 27, Italy media reported widely that Balotelli because he needed to rest a groin injury. We offer cheap fifa 16 coins.


But it seems that conservative treatment effects in General, Mario Balotelli failed to come back to participate in training or competition. So he decided to go to Denmark in Copenhagen, he visited the famous heermiqi. According to the AC Milan official website a few days ago news, Balotelli's return is delayed for some time, there God will continue to receive treatment. Yesterday the La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper on the Israeli-Palestinian God injury followed up the release of a report, the media broke the news that heermiqi on Mario Balotelli a careful examination of the injury, heermiqi that apart from the groin, Ba Shen also had a sports hernia problems, so he had decided to undergo surgery. Surgery is scheduled for next week, and will return after the winter break. Please feel free to visit our site to buy fifa 16 coins.


Objectively speaking, Mario Balotelli injured not when in Liverpool's bad behaviour so that he could have had a lot of criticism, escape from Anfield this summer to return to San Siro, Balotelli will surely want to prove themselves again. Because of injury, but because he only played four games, after the news Klopp to Ba Shen returned to Liverpool, back Mario Balotelli is unpredictable, and the injury or direct impact on Mario Balotelli's career. For AC Milan, and on the other hand, the rossoneri want to introduce Balotelli has strengthened the team's attack, but God has so far only four appearances, it's certainly not AC Milan would like to see the situation.

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