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On Wednesday, former Chelsea doctor Eve-ROM held a wedding, the place is London. We offer cheap fifa 16 coins to support you  a better game experience.


As we can see from the picture, 42 year old Eva, dressed in a white wedding dress, holding a bouquet, is particularly beautiful.The Groom, Carteret, is her business consultant,and a polar exploration enthusiasts. In front of the cameras, the kiss each other sweetly.


Eva was born in Gibraltar, father is a Spainish, and mother is from England, she studies at Nottingham University for medical professional, medical and other professional in college sports. In 2009 before joining Chelsea, she used to work in West Ham United Club. AVA is Real Madrid fans.

On the Eve of the wedding, without the Club's people came to congratulate Eve Chelsea and Mourinho have been to court, became the sensitive character of the Blues. United Kingdom media joke: married Eve, Mourinho was invited? Can't be!


However, there is a former Chelsea player appeared in the Eva wedding, Australia goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer and his wife came to congratulate Schweizer and Eve at Chelsea have had a working relationship, but he is currently the Premier League Leicester City and Chelsea out of the relationship. Hope Eva has a happy married-life and please visit our site to buy fifa 16 coins , if you happen to need some.

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