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Many people will feel confuse that how those different delivery ways work and which one is suit myself.
Here, we are going to introduce the differences between the 4 normal delivery methods on www.fifa15buy.com
1. Players Trade
This kind of trade is a classic one, people list players up for selling to receive coins. If you have many players you dont want keep in your club and need to coins to buy a high rate players or open packs, this is a good way to choose.
2.Comfort Trade
This is the most convenient way to deliver FIFA 16 coins to you. Because you dont have to list up players in the market, the only you need to do is to offer us some your account information as requested. We will log in your account and hand over the coins. We promise that will keep your account 100% safe. Please dont log in your account during the trading service. We will inform you to log in when order has been finished.
3. Points Trade
If you dont have players to list up and do not want to offer us your account information. Points trade is a good choice. We will send you a points account and some relevant information to help you to log in the points account from us.
4.Account Trade
We will send you a new account  with the coins you want which is pre-filled in advance.  We offer cheap fifa 16 coins, please feel free to visit our site.

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