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It has been a while, since FIFA 16 was launched. We often read some messages about how FIFA 16 is popular. For example, FIFA 16 is the most popular game in UK and keep the NO.1 status several weeks, once it was released. Now the details is following: fifa15buy.com offer cheap fifa 16 coins.

1.Gaming Hours
This data is collected after 16 days, when FIFA 16 was launched:
gamers takes 1.5 BILLION hours to play.
2.Matches Played
This picture shows us the most popular leagues and clubs in about 326 MILLION matches.
3.Goals Scored
Gamers create 693 MILLION goals score. This picture shows us the goals scored situation.
4.Morgan Reach 1MILLION Goals
5.More Than 360 MILLION Play DRAFT

Recently, ESWC is just at the end, hope you all enjoy the competition, especailly for those guys who was a part of the competition.

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