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Rooney, the Manchester United and England star, but the big striker's condition is surprisingly weak this season. His fans is not happy with this, even Manchester City police don't stand this any longer. In case you need to buy fifa 16 coins please feel free to visit our site.
0-0 after the draw with Crystal Palace last weekend. Manchester United, Wayne Rooney's goal drought which has lasted up to 325 minutes. Not only that, the last three official games, Manchester United failed to score. Rooney was pushed to the forefront. Rooney in the game there is no sense of place, many fans make fun of that and said little fat on the floor was missing.
Now, Rooney even joked by Manchester Police. Local police wrote on their official Twitter: "missing person Wayne, last place is the Trafford area, wearing a red coat. Anyone have any clues please contact us. ” We offer a good site for cheap fifa 16 coins
Nature of this announcement on Twitter of police, upon release, was hit by the fans. Don't know how Rooney will think when he sees the joke. However it is worth mentioning is that some of fans do not approve of this spoof of the Manchester City police, they think that the police should be serious, should not send joking messages.

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