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Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo received an interview, he emphasized that playing football in  Spain is a happy experience, but he did not say whether  he will stay in Real Madrid for a long time or not.
Cristiano Ronaldo said: "At the moment, I'm glad to play for Real Madrid, but I don't know what will happen in the future. I have chosen a path, which can let me feel happy . ” We offer cheap fifa 16 coins.
This season Real Madrid and Barcelona are in an even , Real Madrid took the advantage of relying on winning the ball, ranking first, Ronaldo said: “ I hate to lose, I could not accept failure, I'd be very upset. I'll rant and say some stupid things, then I regret it. In my mind, I was always the best. I think this is matter, especaily for people who wanted  to be the best in the world. ”
Ronaldo revealed that opponents can make him improve, "I try to see the best part of the haters. They inspire me. I don't need them, but they are not my enemies, they are just part of the game. ” If you need to buy fifa coins, please feel free to visit our site.

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