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Recently, Real Madrid legend Zinedine received the interview of "ShortList" and said that he would not sell any of the players in the Real Madrid team, Zidane stressed Ronaldo and Bell will stay at Real Madrid.fifa15buy.com has finished mantain, and continue to offer our customers cheap fifa coins, fast delivery and excellent service.
In the interview, Zidane said: "no, Ronaldo is not for sale,transfer thing makes no sense. Fans are most concerned about news about superstars they loved, so that's why reporter will fabricate news, but why would Real Madrid will plan to sell the best players in the world? ”
Zidane said: "Ronaldo is the best player in the world in the past few years, he knew he was the best. This sentence does not mean that Ronaldo do not work hard, or he does not want to improve and get better. He has confidence, knowing that he is good but not good enough for himself.He once to say:" I'm not the most prolific striker, but I know how good I am." If you want to buy fifa 16 coins, please feel free to visit our site.
As for Bell, another Real Madrid star, Zidane said: "the Club had hoped to have Bell, of course, he is one of the best players in the world. Bell was clear, his agent is well aware, we also know that his future at Real Madrid, we have signed the best player in the world, we will not sell them. ”

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