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The daily sports newspaper reported that Barcelona plan to have a contract extension with Lionel Messi. In terms of specific actions, and Barcelona are in no hurry, but will not be delayed for too long in the renewal. Messi and Barcelona's contract expires on June 30, 2018.The Argentina superstar last contract with Barcelona in May 2014.
After renewed last year, Lionel Messi is the top paid player in Barcelona, his post-tax salary is 20 million Euros. In addiotion, according to the team's accomplishments, he could get up to 4 million or 5 million Euros as award money. We offer cheap fifa coins to support a better game experience.

But before Messi's renewal, Barcelona's President Jaume Bartomeu firstly need to solved is Neymar's contract. It is reported that Barcelona and Neymar has reached agreement on the renewal of the basics, just negotiated some minor details can finish formally signed. When in an interview with local television stations in Catalonia, Jaume Bartomeu said: "this is Neymar's contract season, but we will not disclose the specific situation, we will be cautious, announced at the announced time. ”
For Messi's contract, Bartomeu not denied: "I hope Messi to be here for many, many years, and finally retired in Barcelona. I say this based on the words of father Leo, he said recently, Leo is not going to any other Club. Time has come. We'll give him a new contract agreement. "It is reported that Barcelona will give Messi a new contract until 2020, and Messi's annual income will also have new growth, but the exact amount has yet to be negotiations between the two sides. If you need to buy fifa 16 coins, please click over the link.
Barcelona in terms of total Player salaries is not encouraging, because my salary has exceeded the total budget of the Club season 60%, was worried about the situation. Barcelona is likely to pass clever ways to avoid Spain League's payroll limit, and that is Messi's salary remained unchanged, but his bonus increased, you can also modify the image rights contract.
Messi is 28 years old, if the deal extent to 2020, he will fulfill the contract at the age of 33, was close to late career.

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