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The contract extension with Neymar went into a stagnation situation, even though he is the most important player in Barcelona. Not long ago,Neymar's agent Ribeiro half-joking said that Neymar had to join Real Madrid to avoid Spain investigation of Neymar. fifa15buy.com offer cheap fifa 16 coins and wondering that does Real Madrid
really plan to indroduce Neymar.

Spain online media Bernabeu daily, which had access to Real Madrid official funding  reported, obviously, Fuluolundinuo has not given up to introducte Neymar next season. When asked about his chances to stay in Barcelona, Neymar always presents a kind fair atutide, but all of us know that, neither he nor his family, do not wish to see Spain authorities were still investigating Neymar transfer thing. In their view, this manipulation of a pair of the black hand behind the scenes, Neymar would face a lot of problems in the future. Let alone of all of this, Messi's tax scandal still make Neymar feel worried, then what is the solution? Leave for Real Madrid?

This involves another important person, that is the President of Real Madrid Fuluolundinuo. Neymar had two opportunities to join Real Madrid, the first time was when he was a teenager, when second in Santos stole.The failure of introduction of Neymar is the biggest defeat on the negotiating table for Fuluolundinuo. Besides, Neymar's outstanding performance against Real Madrid is Xa big mockery to Fuluolundinuo.
Now, it is the final stages of Fuluolundinuo in charge of Real Madrid's , "Bernabeu daily" pointed out that if the Fuluolundinuo originally introduced Figo stunned the world when he took office, then he might use introduce Neymar to stun the whole world one more time. Real Madrid is doing work to "lure" Neymar. Fuluolundinuo persuaded the players ' agents believe that Neymar played for Real Madrid is the best choice, as for the salary, it is not a question to Real Madrid. We offer  a good site to buy fifa 16 coins.
Neymar in Barcelona is still praised, he proved that Real Madrid and Barcelona fight to sign him is for reasons, but his future is likely to change direction. His contract with Barcelona was in a stalemate, this is because the Barcelona total salary limit has been reached, it is difficult to give Neymar a big raise. Neymar's contract breach comes to 190 million euros, according to the "Bernabeu journal" argument, if Real Madrid wants to introduce Neymar, Real Madrid may sell Ronaldo or Bell to collect money. But Neymar's decision is also crucial.

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