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Recently, UEFA reported the Clubs financial of 2014. In this report a number of indicators have been analyzed and ranked. As for the  "Construction costs", Real Madrid at the top 1, which is much higher than Barcelona and Bayern Munich's two main rivals. fifa15buy.com offer a good site to buy fifa coins.
"construction cost" refers to the depreciation of players' transfer fees and salaries, on the balance sheet values. In this Real Madrid be the NO.1 with 316 million Euros, followed by Paris Saint-Germain 276 million Euros, 3-5 are three of the Premier League team Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United. Ranked sixth is Barcelona was 175 million Euros, Bayern are only 114 million Euros. Even add the construction cost of two teams up are still less than Real Madrid. This because of the two teams do not spend to much mnoney on transfer, what's more most of player are form academy players in the squad. if you need cheap fifa 16 coins, please feel free to click over the link and visit our site.
UEFA's report also presented the cost before depreciation, which named as "original construction cost", and analyzes this data as a proportion of team revenues. Bayern Munich is the lowest with 54%, followed by 67% in Barcelona, the highest Inter Milan has reached a staggering 197%, which present financial position is also consistent with two teams. Construction costs among the top 20 teams in the Premier League and Serie a has 6 teams, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 2 teams, and Portugal's Benfica and the Russian Premier of Zenit. Among the 20 teams had 7 teams building costs down, most notably AC Milan, the rossoneri team-building costs fell by € 45 million.


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