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Spain media reported that Real Madrid's players and  their Club doctor Olmo have a contradictions and there is growing trend. Cheap fifa Coins have to say that is a tough situation for both of them.
Disclosure of the Marca, although relying on high-level support, Olmo still directors medical jobs in Real Madrid, but the players had regarded him as a thorn in the side, these famous players decided to deny Olmo into the changing room.
Captain Sergio Ramos is the corbelling of the people, he exchanged views with every player, except for one or two people, but other people agree to exclude Olmo outside the locker room. Marca said that the next step, Sanchez Ramos will call for the CEO of Real Madrid, once again to claim the high expression of the will of the Club fired Olmo. Players voice: "In the changing room, We don't want to see people that we don't trust . ”
As a doctor, Olmo and Real Madrid team went to this step, that is because he was regarded as a top placement in the dressing room of eyeliner and spy. When Carlo Ancelotti, who doubt the locker room has a "ghosts", who always disclosed the news to the top. For the sake of relationships considered, Ancelotti was beared. While Olmo even challenge authority of Ancelotti. After identifying all the circumstances, Ancelotti and his team, said they did not want to continue to cooperate with Olmo.
The players believe that Carlo Ancelotti was fired during Olmo played a role, they heard that, the team doctor to speak ill of Ancelotti's Club, including accusations and injuries attributed to Ancelotti's training last season with Real Madrid. This made Real Madrid players very angry. At the end of last season, players requested fired Olmo, but the higher level of the Club support the doctor, and gave him even greater power. Olmo took the opportunity to fire a few players trust doctors and therapists, this sparked a bounce back in the dressing room.
The sports daily Marca said real high hopes rely on heavy-handed maintained Olmo seat, but it now appears that players did not buy the upgrade potential and contradictions, it once again became a headache problem. At the end, we offer a good site for you to buy fifa coins.

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