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fifa5buy.com cheap fifa 16 coins learn that Messi has decided not to participate in the matches with  Brazil and Colombia in November. It might not a good new for his fans, but they will be understand Messi must take a lot of things into consideration before he made this decision. The Argentine Football Association have also expressed their understanding and acceptance. The first game after Messi return will be Real Madrid.
It is said Messi think it takes risk to return early in the present circumstances. Even if he returns than originally planned and participates in the national team, he is also very likely not be able to have the best performance.
Argentine Football Association has accepted the reality that Messi will not play. They know that Messi’s contribution to the national team for so many years is indisputable.fifa15buy hope Messi will recover as soon as possible. To buy FIFA 16 coins you can find from www.fifa15buy.com


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