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This season of Premier has fighting has 12 round, despite season also is long, but from each support team of performance in the has can see this season each team trend of clues, authority data analysis website Bloomberg sports recently will on fourteen-fifteenths season of Premier big ending made has forecast, results displayed Chelsea got champion of probability maximum, and Manchester City, and United and arsenal is will got Xia season of Champions League qualification.

The Bloomberg sports analysis has been fairly authoritative, through data analysis of teams for this season's Premier League up to 100,000 times the result of simulation, final result was Chelsea will take 90 minutes to win, Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal 2, 3, 4, Liverpool was ranked 5th.FIFA 15 Coins

Data analysis of results displayed only Chelsea, and Manchester City, and United, and arsenal and Liverpool 5 support team has may won, which Chelsea is this season champion of big hot, has 81.7% of probability got Premier champion, and most close Chelsea of Manchester City of won probability only for 17.1%, United, and arsenal and Liverpool of won probability are insufficient 1%, respectively for 0.8%, and 0.3% and 0.1%, from this a angle for Chelsea won called has no suspense.

In the race of champions, Chelsea 99 ... 2% probability of entering the top four Manchester City 97.9% of probability ensure that the first four, the team has all but locked up runner-up. Manchester United placed third, the Bloomberg analysis shows Manchester United 71.7% of probability of the sport in the top four, while Arsenal have a 70.7% chance of entering the top four. Last season's runners-up Liverpool in the top four is only poor 28.3%. It is worth mentioning that, this season, second only 2.2% Southampton, currently in the top four, Koeman's side clearly underrated.Buy FIFA 15 Coins

In the relegation battle, Burnley, Queens Park and Leicester City third team most likely to be relegated, Burnley's relegation probability as high as 64.9%, Queen's Park and Leicester City's relegation respectively 87.8% and 41.1%, the three teams want to avoid relegation is obviously very difficult.

Worth mentioning Yes, Bloomberg sports news analysis also showed Chelsea ahead three rounds to win the probabilities as high as 21.1%, which means that League 4th round, Chelsea and Crystal Palace battle is likely to be after Mourinho's return to the Premier League title battle.FIFA Coins

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