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2014TGC QQ Games Carnival will be held on November 28, Pavilion, ShanghaiWorld Expo exhibition 1th-30th, where the 28th 13:00 will be held in FIFA Online 3-South Korea match. The tournament prize money of up to 150,000yuan.

This times in the Han scrimmage China entries team by just ended of FIFA Online 3 Super League national Qian three name: Mrt star Alex (Shi Wenliang), and Mrt Lin less (sister-in-law Chang Lin-), and Mrt Hades (Xue) composition, three per capita from country clothing North Netcom of Mrt war team, strength strong, long-term occupy Netcom row bit game Qian 10 and in domestic line Xia events in the repeatedly won. Korea team of three wasformed of FIFA Online 3 Spearhead Invitational runner-up contestants: Jin Zhongfu, Zhang Yuan as well as Cui Minghao, who also serves as the team wonthe Korea team champion of the Champions League. It can be said that we willsee the TGC-Korea FIFA Online 3 the highest level direct talks betweenplayers.

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