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Arsenal VS Manchester United, it used to be that the League signs, most attractive and most popular show the Premier League battle of Kings mountain. Remember, Vieira flew to kick Ruud van Nistelrooy, Martin Keown led all the gunmen lay siege to Ruud van Nistelrooy, Cole before Ronaldo monkey jump, Ray Parlour and Gary Neville fights; remember, 2001-02 season at Old Trafford winner Sylvain Wiltord, top 15 the only team in the Premier League at Old Trafford team, missed the champions Ferguson decided to postpone retirement ... ...

Chelsea will take Manchester United Manchester City arsenal's brilliant Br

You can cite numerous classic battle of Arsenal VS Manchester United. 1997-98 season first full led arsenal campaign Premier of Wenger, rate team in Dream Theatre 1-0 Lectra United, eventually Bang 8 streak claimed Xia Premier champion, next 6 a season, arsenal and United 5 times monopoly Premier Crown runner-up; 2000-01 season United 6-1 humiliation arsenal, Ferguson of United reached peak period; 2004-05 season United end arsenal 49 field not defeated records, Rooney was air tripped manufacturing penalty, arsenal players with pizza, and Rice soup and sandwich thrown to the embarrassing scene of Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, staged the Premier's famous "flying pizza" ... ...

Conflict, winner, tragedy, drama, controversy, determination, courage and uprightness, champion ... ... Fans yearn for the magic year gun battle. Ferguson and Wenger are the times Premiership Kings, two daimyo handsome telekinesis and, upon another Mazer. Arsenal of that era, Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Robert Pires, and Freddie Ljungberg, Patrick Vieira-ridden shanty Premiership; Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United striker Ruud van Nistelrooy, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Gary Neville to be legendary. But now, gun magic wars cannot represent the highest level in the Premier League. 6th, 7th, after this incident, Manchester United barely ranks in the top 4, arsenal fell to 8th place. Magic is just hilarious, and theme up top of the title race.

Blue magic duo rolling gun! Arsenal Manchester United 13 Manchester City Chelsea 0 WINS, 5 draws and 8 defeats

The summer of 2013, Sir Alex Ferguson retires, Wenger became the oldest coach in the Premier League; Mourinho said goodbye to Real Madrid, returning to Stamford Bridge as Chelsea Manager; Manuel Pellegrini replaced Roberto Mancini, Manchester remained paramount. Later Ferguson era, the Premier League has changed so much, especially Manchester United, Moyes made mockery of the Red Devils, van Gaal took Office 4 months ago couldn't be restored. Chelsea and Manchester City with strong financial building super squad, tumultuous Manchester United sharply down, arsenal always dying State. This 1 year, Manchester United and arsenal against Chelsea and Manchester City are in absolute disadvantage.

Look at post-Sir Alex Ferguson Manchester United, in the face of "blue Hutch" feat. 2013-14 season, the Premier League, Moyes 0-0 flat Chelsea, Manchester United home and away 1-3 defeat; Manchester United suffered humiliation away 1-4, 0-3 home loser temper; 2014-15 season, van Gaal took over United strong dialogue is not to force it. League 0-1 away defeat to Manchester City at Old Trafford and Chelsea at 1-1. Count down after the departure of Alex Ferguson, Manchester blue Hutch 6 Halo 2 draws and 4 defeats, scoring 3 goals threw 12 balls!

Shocking! 6-3 Manchester City arsenal

With Sir Alex Ferguson after Manchester United VS Chelsea and Manchester City in the era (home team first)

2013-14 season 0-0 Manchester-Chelsea
2013-14 Premier Chelsea season 3-1 Manchester United
2013-14 season 4-1 Manchester City Manchester United
2013-14 season 0-3 Manchester Manchester City
2014-15 season 1-0 Manchester City Manchester United
2014-15 season 1-1 Manchester-Chelsea
Arsene Wenger's arsenal, the 1 year also can't shake Chelsea and Manchester City. 2013-14 season, the Premier League, Arsenal's 0-0 home draw with Chelsea, 0-6 suffering a humiliating defeat away from home; in the Carling Cup, and arsenal defeat Chelsea 0-2. Manchester City, Arsenal lost away 3-6, 1-1 at home. 2014-15 season, the Premier League, arsenal 0-2 away defeat to Chelsea at home is 2-2 draw with Manchester City. 1 years, 7 arsenal against Chelsea and Manchester City are 3 draws and 4 defeats, scoring 6 goals conceded 19 goals! Whenever there is a strong enemy, arsenal will always be lost quite so disastrously devoid of championship temperament.

2013 summer since arsenal and Manchester City VS Chelsea (home team first)

Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea 2013-14 season
2013-14 season Premier League Chelsea 6-0 arsenal
2013-14 season 6-3 Manchester City arsenal
1-1 2013-14 season, the Premier League arsenal to Manchester City
2013-14 0-2 season's Carling Cup arsenal Chelsea
2014-15 season Premier League Chelsea 2-0 arsenal
2-2 2014-15 season, the Premier League arsenal to Manchester City
Blue Rob Hutch 6 years + 10 Crowns occupying the commanding heights of England arsenal Manchester United 6 Crown

Two key nodes of the times in the Premier League: summer 2003 Russia Tycoon Roman Abramovich buy Chelsea, Chelsea jumped into a top European clubs; the summer of 2008, U.A.E. Abu Dhabi United investment group to buy Manchester City, another "oil-force" grow into the Premier League powerhouse. 2003-08, Manchester United, arsenal, Chelsea played power (Liverpool occasionally disruptive), since 2008 is the big powers the scuffle, overall, arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool's three strongest beat was rich man city and Chelsea.

With deep pockets and Manchester City in recent years, shot up the fastest team in the Premier League. 2011-12 season, Manchester City was almost the last second winner QPR, beat Manchester United to win the Club's first Premiership title, broke a 44-year League title drought; 2013-14 season, Pellegrini sting led by Manchester City, the Premier League trophy away from Liverpool. In addition, the city in 2011, and the FA Cup in 2014 lifted the League Cup trophy. Abu Dhabi Consortium entered the city for 6.5 years, blue moon two premier league titles, 1 FA Cup and 1 League Cup, 4 trophy statue in hand, there is a 1 FA Community Shield (supposedly friendly nature of this item). This 6 years, Manchester City in the Premier League's ranking rose steadily, 2008-09 the 10th of the season, 2009-10 season 5th place, 3rd 2010-11 season, 2011-12 season champion, 2012-13, runner-up last season, last season's title.

During this period, Chelsea turmoil, Mourinho left, Luiz Felipe Scolari, Guus Hiddink and Ancelotti, villas-Boas, di Ma Te Ao, Benitez has served as Blues Manager. 2008-09 season, Chelsea 3rd place finish, 3rd 2009-10 season, Ancelotti led Chelsea won the Premier League title. 2010-11 2nd season Chelsea, Ancelotti getting fired. 2011-12 Chelsea only ranked 6th in the League, but won the Champions League and FA Cup champions. Next 2012-13, 2013-14 season, Chelsea were ranked 3rd in the League, but 2012-13 won the Europa League title last season. In addition, Chelsea in the FA Cup for a strong 2008-09, 2009-10,2011-12 these 3 seasons, Chelsea won the FA Cup.

Arsenal 6 years is rather lackluster, in addition to the 2013-14 beyond the season's FA Cup, Gunners unprofitable. In the Premiership, arsenal always wandering 3-4. 4th 2008-09 season, coming 3rd 2009-10 season, 2010-11 season is the 4th, the 2011-12 back to 3rd place, but 2012-13, 2013-14 season, arsenal "defending" the 4th place. See title hopes, but can appear in the Champions League every season, which is the State arsenal of nearly 6 years.

Manchester United 6, under Alex Ferguson, brilliant remains the same, and the 2008-09 and the 2012-13 of the season, Manchester United won the Premier League title, and with 20 League title to arch-rivals Liverpool pressed, becomes the first of England's top clubs. 2009-10 and 2011-12 season, Manchester United came in 2nd place. But in 2013-14, Sir Alex Ferguson after Manchester United to finish 7th in the age of the final, creating the worst Premier League era rankings. Sir Alex Ferguson era rarely without charge, the 2008-09 and 2009-10 season, Manchester United have won the League Cup.

Report of 2008-09 so far this season, blue Hutch and shot magic champion

Chelsea 6: 2011-12 season, the Champions League, Europa 2012-13 champions, 2009-10 season, the Premier League champions, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2011-12 season, the FA Cup champion, fell out of the top of the 2011-12 season 4

Manchester City 4: 2011-12, 2013-14 season, the Premier League champions last season, 2010-11 season, the FA Cup, 2013-14 season, the League Cup, 2008-09, 2009-10, season, missed the first 4

Manchester United 5 Hat: 2008-09, 2010-11, 2012-13 season, the Premier League champions, 2008-09 and the 2009-10 League Cup; fell out of the top of the 2013-14 season 4

Arsenal 1: 2013-14 season's FA Cup winners, has been within the top 4

Era of stubborn Arsene Wenger has been left out? Xiao Fu is an non-noble idea

Demon wars are no longer the premier theme, this is not the two clubs have become mediocre, and in fact United are noble ones. 2013-14 season Moyes made a laughing stock after this summer, Howard Johnson's 170 million-pound purchase, 60 million of di Maria, Luke Shaw of 31.5 million, 30 million of Herrera, 16 million of Rojo, 14 million of Blinder, or rent Tiger Falcao. Robin van Persie-Looney-di Maria-Falcao's offensive line, 3 strength before the world. Although United now, some sink, but outsiders believe that van Gaal has the ability to put United back on its feet. Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement was hailed as the best and most sensible choice, helping United win coaching career after the last League title, Ferguson can not only fame and perfectly, while avoiding the rivers and Lakes of the future with Manchester City Chelsea storm. Ferguson understood now, an ambitious Premier League era from the original duopoly of how big is the gap, so he chose the lotic. Timely withdrawal does not mean failure, but is so bigoted that hit the south wall year after year, can only rendered by pain, pain to not know pain. Arsenal small rich state concern. Arsenal spent more than 90 million-pound signings this summer, Sanchez of 37.5 million pounds as "thigh", but other people brought to their knees. This time, the finger points to Wenger. "Wenger Out" cries, again through social networking and media.

Arsenal's problem where is it? Team temperament. Scholes points out, "when top teams, arsenal had gone crazy, and they lack the tenacious will to cope with difficulties and challenges. "Wenger is a college coach, he has a degree in economics from Strasbourg University, move to use an abacus jingle of economic interests, but temperament and personality is not strong, leading team spirit to fight natural defects. CNN called the mouth, radical arsenal fan Piers Morgan comments: Wenger cannot defeat the powerful team anymore, and his ability to stay in the place. 2013-14, 0-6 Chelsea arsenal humiliated, losing 1-5 in Liverpool, and Manchester City play the offense is 3-6 lessons; the Champions League this season had been hung and beat Dortmund, this gun magic vs 1-2 defeat at Manchester United ... ... Every time you lose, Wenger is not looking for inefficiency, but put a cliché: our dominance, but no luck.

Wenger is a Bigot, stubborn but not terrible, terrible is unable to face up to the facts, or the times. Mourinho's haughty by nature, but has learned to "man as resilient," the truth, the conservative, not conservative, the beat is implacable. Mad men willing to learn, in the tactical study done on extremes. Wenger is clinging to his theories, say, idealistic, worst not know work around. As early as 2001, Gary Lineker gave Arsene Wenger the trial book: stodgy old Wenger tactics, fear hardliner; insufficient attention to defence, the day of his reign, Arsenal have suffered worse defeats possibilities. Today, Gary Lineker's comments still apply now Arsene Wenger. Excellent Manager, will make the best use, so as to achieve the "people in the place, its people" effect. Now Ancelotti, play with Real Madrid 4 10th; see PEP Guardiola, while launching the new tactical concept. World football has never been a Manager, only a single tactical fixed idea succeed. Wenger does, defeat and beat by one won't wake him up.

Arsenal should also continue to trust Arsene Wenger right? ESPN survey, 64% fans to vote against it. Professor coached arsenal 18 no merit also has elbow grease, much less create the Gunners unbeaten season, this is the "warm honey" nostalgia and backed Arsene Wenger's cause; but you have to admit, after the peak, Wenger for 5 years, or 8 years, 10 years, hadn't let arsenal's revival. If you have the "Xiao Fu is an" idea of satisfaction a 4 and the last 16 of the Champions League before in the Premier League, Wenger certainly qualified; but if you hold and European clubs compete, strong dialogue down wind mentality, so Wenger must let you down. Champions are not all, but the Championship is the most important measure. This is the modern era of commercialization of football, the so-called great guidelines for football, football pitch, Sheng Wang a failure, always a reason as well. Ferguson selected dared should Wenger awareness and reflect on their own problem?

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