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This weekend, Premier League will ushered in one plays, game by Arsenal sits chiefs Stadium engaged United, although two team are is Premier Giants heritage rich, but slightly explicit taunt of is, two support team currently of ranking are in Qian 4 away, United Kingdom daily mail evaluation road, "United and arsenal of game once is decided champion of battle, but now they Zhijian of collision just to compete for Champions League qualification. ”


The post: unrelated to Arsenal vs Manchester United the Premier League titlerace


War the first 11 rounds of the Premier League, Arsenal's record was 4 WINS,5 draws and 2 defeats, with 17 points ranks 6th in the Premier League,Manchester United's record was 4 WINS, 4 draws and 3 defeats, 16 pointsranked 7th in the Premier League. Judging from the rankings, both teamsbecame a loser, rather than its former title duo. According to thestatistics of the daily mail, skirmish on both sides are not included in theGo to news list