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Due to the FIFA World Cup bid investigation report released by the EthicsCommittee too much controversy, FIFA again embarked on a wave of public opinion, not just the FA complained, according to ESPN news, Germany SoccerLeague President Reinhard-Dr. rauball also expressed dissatisfaction, whilein an interview with kicker magazine, Germany giant revealed that UEFA arelikely to withdraw from FIFA.


United States Qian check Officer Michael-Garcia led of group to FIFA submitted has a copies up 430 page of survey report, but FIFA is only announced has which of a fraction of, worth a mention of is, Michael-Garcia I on this is expression has discontent, he revealed this copies "Summary" contains more at not full of material and on survey report in the facts and conclusions errors of expressed, this more caused opinion of uproar.


Germany Soccer League President Reinhard-Dr. rauball also expresseddissatisfaction with FIFA, he said in an interview that "want to resolvethis matter must make publicGo to news list