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"FIFA 15" is now on sale, we are not a long hunger and thirst? Wants to play in a game of football manager mode in Barcelona, right? Unfortunately, the "buck teeth Soviet Union," Suarez can not play now.

Suarez because everyone's favorite World Cup in Brazil in the summer when the bite is FIFA suspended, while EA Sports decided to simulate real-world football, so I decided in "FIFA 15" game ban him for synchronization.

In fact the game players have been suspended in accordance with the reality not the first time, which makes the game more authenticity, the previous stage, "Madden NFL 15" also announced Ray Rice suspended.

Baoya Su is expected to lift the ban a month later, when he will return to the "FIFA 15" virtual arena. Of course, if you play a single game mode other words, the use of buck teeth Sue is no limit.

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