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"FIFA 15" graphic tutorial Raiders, the game system full resolution (including "menu interface explain" "all action instructions", "Mode / Competition Analysis," "Practical Guide" "skills training teaching"). by 3DM Raiders station -Annyroal36. EA sale soccer simulation game "FIFA 15" will give players a higher level of visual enjoyment. The game uses a "UFC" used in EA's Ignite engine. FIFA screen real innovation ushered the players body detail, action and physical damage effects are quite in place.

  "FIFA 15" graphic tutorial Raiders, the game system full resolution.

(Including "menu interface explain" "all action instructions", "Mode / Competition Analysis," "Practical Guide" "skills training teaching")

by 3DM Raiders station -Annyroal36

First, the menu interface Detailed

From "FIFA14" began, FIFA's main menu interface is similar to magnetic stickers windows system (Snap) gesture to show people. This way beautiful and panoramic view of the information, since the landmark "FIFA" not only with game function, it also has to accept the reality of the world of football information function.

"FIFA15" menu and "FIFA14" menu is not much difference.

Entire menu is divided into four main sections: Home, game modes, online and custom.

Home menu

Choose your favorite team

Players need to pick a favorite team (club) for the first time to enter the "FIFA15" when.

Pick a team, then "FIFA15" for the team which will provide the appropriate information for the players and the team can be the "next round of real events" (the player can cancel the account associated with the information).

The first is on the left side of the screen to select the country and region, and then select the league, and finally select club.

Finally, the bottom right of the screen, the player can cancel the account information associated with the EAS FC, then it can not be canceled once won the "favorite club" information as well as "the next round of real events."

Continue the last event

Content menu upper left corner of the tile display will change frequently, because the game mode is displayed on the player here once conducted (including quick race, online games, career mode, and even skills training, etc.).

Although it often changes will happen, but as long as the players were keen to a specific model, then the next time into the game, you can too quickly from this tile in entry, very convenient.

EAS server directory

EAS server directory is magnetically attached to the upper right corner of the Home menu, you need to connect live or orign be able to login.

You can get the EAS server directory and exchange some reward after login.

The next round of real events

First, the initial entry "FIFA15" when you need to choose "your favorite" team.

Then make sure to connect live or orign get "your favorite" team tournament table, just this week, "your favorite" team have matches at the words, players can click on the magnetic stickers of their favorite team conducted this week's tournament.

Guess you like

In the lower right corner there is a page called "check out" of magnetic stickers, although translated some words do not convey, but its role is to scroll the display mode three kinds of everyone's favorite play mode (line can also be carried out to the players ) - skills training, career mode, quick race.

Game Mode menu

Quick game

The first magnetic stickers first row on the left is "quick game", where you can quickly perform local single or multiplayer games.

Ultimate Team

The first row of the second magnetic stickers Intermediate team model is the ultimate team mode, this mode is only one main market players, the players make the players around the world can trade players in this market (there will be hereinafter "game mode" which For more about this).

Continuing professional mode (coach or player)

Click on the second row of the first magnetic stickers career mode you can quickly return to the last performed.

Or select the magnetic stickers, then move the right stick to select "new career mode" to restart career journey.

This week replay

The second row of the second magnetic stickers, you can look back at the "FIFA15" this week, many players have created wonderful goal shot, funny BUG lens.

Slide the right stick, you can see the players and the players team message updates.

Skills Training

The third row of the first magnetic stickers that skills training (equivalent skill game), players can be a very useful skill to practice here. In skills training to the right will show players around the world to complete the training list.

Turn right joystick, select "your favorite player (non-goalkeeper)" and select "your favorite goalkeeper."

Both players will appear in skills training, choose a value superior player to complete skills training will be more easily through Oh!

How to play "FIFA"

The third row of the second magnetic stickers, is a tutorial mode, of which there are basic exercises (passing, shooting, dribbling and defense), practice sessions (meaning fast game with the same face AI), one pair of a practice (Player VS goalkeeper, may be dribbling, dribbling shot, kick, twelve yards and other exercises), kick (custom kick), select the area players (players with skills training to select the same meaning).

New Tournament

The new tournament is a custom tournament, players can customize the game system, and other teams participating in the tournament, and games.

Become a professional player

The third row of the fourth magnetic stickers, quick single player game, 1-4 players can make this model locally.

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