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How to order FIFA 16 coins with 4 different delivery ways

We offer 4 different delivery ways:

1. Player Trade

2. Comfort Trade

3. Points Trade

4. Account Trade

Player Trade

1.Choose one of platform (PS4,PS3, XBOXONE, XBOX360, PC, Android, IOS) and player trade reach coins price list.

2. Choose the coins you want and add to cart.

3.Check cart information and type in a discount code or coupon

4.Fill order information

5. Fill up player information(Same players and different players)

A. Same players be list up, (eg. 5 Suarezs to list up)

B. List up different players be list up,(eg. Suarezs and Messi will be list up, hit “add more players to fill Messi’s AH information)

6.Pick your payment method and click to pay.

7.Wait for coins be delivered when your order has been completed, we will email you to notice.